Timeshift Multiplayer Demo

Use time to kill the enemy


  • Very original idea
  • Impressive graphics
  • Single player and multiplayer maps


  • Gets some time to learn how to control time

Very good

TimeShift is not the typical first-person shooter in which you have to kill anything that dares move on your screen. Okay, there's a lot of blood, but there's also one important element that I have never seen in any previous FPS before: time.

Yes, besides big machine guns and other powerful gadgets, time is by far the most important weapon in this game. You're given the ability to control time at your will: make it go slower, stop it or even make it go backwards. Controlling this ability will save your life more than once, so it's important to learn it properly. However, be ready to die a few times before you get the knack of it.

This demo includes some single player in which you play with a team of soldiers. You're assigned a series of objectives that involve exploring ruined scenarios and killing enemies. There are also multiplayer maps, where you play on your own according to the game mode set: all against all, capture the flag, team-based game, etc. In a way, this multiplayer mode reminds me of Unreal Tournament.

TimeShift features jaw-dropping graphics, especially in the rendering of environments. Images are beautifully distorted when your character controls time in order to create an impressive effect. You really feel like Hiro Nakamura!

Excellent first person shooter with loads of action and a very original weapon: time.

TimeShift transports gamers to a strange yet familiar world -- where individual rights have been eradicated and a tyrannical leader rules ruthlessly with an iron fist. You are retired test pilot Colonel Michael Swift, who has just lost his only daughter to a bus accident. Armed with a time-control device called the Quantum Suit and a time machine called the Chronomicon, Swift sets out to test the most significant inventions of the century. Upon his return, time has changed -- and Swift is now a man on the run. His new mission: To set time right again. Online multiplayer action for up to 16 players -- use time based weaponry against other human adversaries.

With a comprehensive online 16-player multiplayer mode, featuring time grenades, 14 different maps and over 40 different features, TimeShift gears itself to the players' unique style of gameplay by allowing matches to be completely customizable. Players can battle it out in a tight, well-balanced multiplayer experience that implements several aspects of the time-manipulating gameplay element found in the single-player campaign.

See what this game features:

  • Take on more than 35 combat missions in this first-person shooter
  • Deep storyline involving time travel and betrayal; array of unique weapons
  • Time shifting obstacles challenge players to think in 4 dimensions
  • Next-generation graphics technology in the Saber3D engine
  • Online multiplayer options



Timeshift Multiplayer Demo

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